The Barr Collection

This archive collection details of letters and personal effects relating to Sgt. Mackenzie Barr who served with the RAF. Mackenzie’s plane was shot down while flying in a bombing raid over Germany and was declared as Missing in Action. The search for Mackenzie’s whereabouts by his father Ernest, a pharmacist on William Street, are painfully presented in a series of letters and medical reports. The tragic search for Mackenzie’s body ends at a grave site in Southern Germany.

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Images of Ernest Barr with the RAF in 1918, and Mackenzie in Active Service, as well as letters from Mackenzie to his mother.

Telegrams and Letters informing Mackenzie’s family that his plane was shot down and his whereabouts are currently unkown.

Mackenzie’s personal effects, including an identity bracelet he didn’t bring with him on his flight, were returned to the family.

Mackenzie’s flight logbook, with details of all his missions up until his last.

Ernest endeavored to travel to Germany to view the grave site of the crew of Mackenzies plane.

Along with Red Cross, Ernest received a lot of support for his journey, including from the family of the other crewmen.

Ernest at his son’s graveside. Mackenzie was eventually laid to rest at Durnbach War Cemetery.

A Waterside Voices Article from 2003 which gives an overview of the Story.